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Monday, November 2, 2009

What's So Quirky about Dalton Diaz?

-DD pen name came from Ashlyn Chase, for being top heavy (& a klutz)

-Fosters Guinea pigs from the local shelter

-Has identical twins

-Is a coffee addict who limits herself to one very large cup a day

-Is lactose intolerant

-Favorite drink - Starbucks soy (see above)latte

-Drinks about 3 Poland Springs soda water w/lime a day (see above coffee limit, darn it!)

-Favorite food is salad, and it's not a salad without olives

-Favorite body part - her toes, and has a thing for toe rings.

-Has to wear socks at night or can't sleep

-Has a toy poodle with separation anxiety

-Is a certified PBX telephone operator

-Is a real live Valley Girl, which also means she hails from the porn capital of the world

-Used to sell flower bouquets on streetcorners for extra money, and was mistaken by an old acquaintance as having joined a cult

-First concert ever was Shaun Cassidy, and almost got kicked out when someone handed her a sparkler

-Is a big fan of Richard Cheese


Penelope said...

I LOVED Shaun Cassidy, too! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED! The Hardy Boys...oh yeah! (I like the story about selling flowers on the street corner...funny!)

Michelle Picard said...

Hey, I wear socks to bed, too. Though it's not a foot fetish, but poor circulation (grin). However, I can leave them off June through August.

Victoria Morgan said...

Favorite food is salad? Is that possible? I suppose if you add the olives, it could be a favorite. But still -- it doesn't involve calories and chocolate. Those usually are integral ingredients in a favorite food. On another note, we had a Guinea pig for seven years. They make a great pet. When you foster them, do you mean you care for them until they can find a home for them?

Dalton Diaz said...

Penelope, true story! Course, I left the part out about wearing a bikini top and short skirt. Heh. Heh.

Michelle, I don't know what it is. I literally can't sleep. Just used to wearing 'em, I guess.

Victoria, you can put just about anything in a salad. And I hope to god you were changing the topic from favorite food when you started talking about Guinea pigs!! Yes, we will foster until they have a home. Of course, that's how I end up keeping so many. So hard to let the cutees go!

Ashlyn Chase said...

Oh, the things I'm still learning about you! I'm keeping them in a file, ya know. Some day all that dirt might come in handy. LOL.

Nah, you know I wouldn't do that. But I can pretend and watch you cringe!

Ash (evil grin)