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Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I used to roll my eyes when women said they were turning 29…again. Then I turned 29 for real. Er, quite some time ago.

I spent a few years in denial. A few more hating every birthday. Then I realized two very important, undeniable facts:

1. There is only one alternative to aging.
2. You couldn’t pay me to go back to being young.

Life is good. I’d rather live it than worry about it. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to admit my age anytime soon.

So happy birthday to me. I’ll be celebrating with my family over a sushi boat at my favorite restaurant as I turn 29…again.


Penelope said...

Dalton, thank you so very much for this lovely birthday hunk. Happy 29th! You honestly don't look a day over 21. I'm not kidding. Enjoy that sushi!

Victoria Morgan said...

Happy 29th! Tell me he was your birthday present -- or at least a life size poster of him.... Much better than sushi. Hope you had a wonderful b-day! And remember, we're all young at heart.

Tara Truesdale said...

Happy Birthday!! Twenty-nine is my favorite birthday too! :)

Donna said...

Just remember, you'll always be younger than me. You are still gogreous and I have to agree with you, there isn't enough money to get me to be 29 again.

Happy Birthday

Michelle Polaris said...

Happy 29! It's all a state of mind. I adore sushi and hope you enjoyed.

Dalton Diaz said...

Oh yeah! We got the big boat chock full o' Sushi. Yum!
Guess the diet starts tomorrow...

Ashlyn Chase said...

Happy birthday writing partner!!!

To me, birthdays are an opportunity to say, "I'm glad you were born." And that's very, very true in your case.

I hope your birthday as awesome all around, like you are.


Kate Champagne said...

Happy Birthday Dalton!