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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rock this Vote

It is my civic duty to vote.

That said, if I get one more bleepin' phone call in the middle of dinner, I'm going to buy one of those horns and blow the person's ears out. Which, of course, will get me nowhere since most of the calls are automated.

In the beginning, I was kind. I understood the need to interrupt my family time with their phone calls, my personal time with their TV ads, and the environment with their postcards. In the middle of the blitz, I tried to have a sense of humor. (Yes, I was messing with the live volunteer when I said in my best Stepford Wife tone that I didn't know who I was going to vote for because my husband hadn't told me yet, and excuse me, but I have to get his dinner on the table.) During the Senate race, the joking became a family affair. We brought the phone to the dinner table and ran a pool for how many calls we'd get, and would the famous retired Red Sox pitcher call that night?

It got old pretty darn fast, though. Go ahead, call me once. DO NOT call me once a day, sometimes more.

My sense of humor about this is now long gone, and that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is, I wasn't even interested in voting during the most recent round. I didn't want any of the players in office, representing me at any level, especially the guy who had his mother on an automated message. His mother? Seriously?

So here's my plea to politician's everywhere: Stop wasting donations by showing those vicious ads at every commercial break. All of the non-stop backstabbing on TV, the daily mailbox full of postcards, and the constant phone interruptions has to stop. All it is doing is pissing your constituents off, and ultimately LOSING their vote.

I can't be alone here. Am I only speaking for myself?


Victoria Morgan said...

Mmh interesting topic. What annoys me -- is half the ads and calls are paid for by out of staters who have no real vested interest in if the candidate best represents their constituents as long as they represent the right party. It's pathetic.

Moonsanity said...

Oddly, I haven't been getting phone calls here, but the junk mail is out of control. During our primary here there was one candidate that sent mail not only weekly, but one day I received THREE fliers from him. To my dismay he was elected. That seemed so wasteful to me that I'm wondering how wasteful he will be if he wins the main vote.

Penelope said...

I find the relentless phone calls offensive. If I get more than one from a candidate, I tell the caller he lost a vote and to stop harassing me.

Dalton Diaz said...

I hear you, Victoria.

Moonsanity, a politician who is wasteful, or in it for themselves? Nah!

Penelope, yep, that works, too. I just love to hear them flounder, or better yet, the dead silence when I give them the Stepford Wife. It's priceless.

GailinVirginia said...

As irritating as this sounds, you might consider an answering turn it low and learn to sorta blank them OUT but you hear the important ones must pick up or call later! Just a suggestion that worked for our family:)