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Monday, November 30, 2009

Guest Blog at Between the Pages

I've blogged about my cross-genre journey over at Between the Pages. Please visit. And while you're at it, visit my blogsite at to check-out my What's Behind the Gate contest.

I'm busy with promotion, so stay tuned shortly for my Quirky blog on finding time to write once you're published. Maybe you can help me out.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


After mucho waiting, RULING EDEN is finally out! My romantic contemporary fantasy is available at Crescent Moon Press. The formal announcement is at my blog today at:

Please visit. There's a contest to enter and, face it, don't we all love contests?
With oodles of happy dance excitement,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winters' Thaw is here!

Dalton's new release, Winters' Thaw, available now from Ellora's Cave!
Winters' Thaw
Book 3 in the Cougar Challenge series

OR nurse Elizabeth Winters is forty-one, divorced, and determined to figure out what all the fuss is about sex. Her ex spent over twenty years crushing her sensuality, and it was long past time for release. Literally, dammit! In her quest, she befriends a group of woman her age who admit having a passion for younger men. That seems like a damn fine place to focus her quest.
Thirty-year-old engineer Kevin Springer loves solving puzzles, and “Elle” has him aching to fit the pieces. The more he gets to know her, the more intrigued he becomes, especially in bed. He quickly realizes he wants more than her offered no strings attached wild sex, but convincing her to take a chance on a relationship isn’t on her agenda.

Check out the series blog at:

Winters' Thaw CONTEST!

Dalton Diaz is having a contest over at, and the prize is $25 in downloads from Ellora's Cave! Go on over and find out how to win. Look for the header, Black Raven Eating Crow Contest...
Good luck and have fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Review of Ruling Eden at Smexy Books

Earlier in November RULING EDEN, my soon to be released novel from Crescent Moon Press, was reviewed at Smexy Books. And the lucky authoress I am, the book received
Four Stars and enough praise to make me glow. A first review is an exciting thing. Below are a few excerpts from it. If you want to read the full text, click over to her site here.
"Michelle Picard writes very engaging, deep characters and I can't say enough about how much they captured my attention and left me satisfied throughout the story....Ruling Eden is a great tale of romance, mystery and just a wonderful beautiful world Michelle Picard has created. I like it so much, I gushed all over an email I sent to her and asked if she wouldn't mind doing an interview with me."
In fact, she did indeed interview me later that same day she posted her review. If you want to read the text of the interview, click here. I had a lot of fun at Smexy.
Visit my site at to read more about the story and my blog at to read the excerpt I posted for Excerpt Monday just this past week.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What's So Quirky about Dalton Diaz?

-DD pen name came from Ashlyn Chase, for being top heavy (& a klutz)

-Fosters Guinea pigs from the local shelter

-Has identical twins

-Is a coffee addict who limits herself to one very large cup a day

-Is lactose intolerant

-Favorite drink - Starbucks soy (see above)latte

-Drinks about 3 Poland Springs soda water w/lime a day (see above coffee limit, darn it!)

-Favorite food is salad, and it's not a salad without olives

-Favorite body part - her toes, and has a thing for toe rings.

-Has to wear socks at night or can't sleep

-Has a toy poodle with separation anxiety

-Is a certified PBX telephone operator

-Is a real live Valley Girl, which also means she hails from the porn capital of the world

-Used to sell flower bouquets on streetcorners for extra money, and was mistaken by an old acquaintance as having joined a cult

-First concert ever was Shaun Cassidy, and almost got kicked out when someone handed her a sparkler

-Is a big fan of Richard Cheese