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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Move Over Hugh, Eric Bana Is Coming To Town

My love for all things paranormal started in childhood, in my elementary school library, as well as the movie theatre. (Remember the original Escape to Witch Mountain, 1975?) My obsession with Star Wars and Star Trek continued the addiction, which has now morphed into a love for blood-sucking vampires (JR Ward!), sexy werewolves/shapeshifters, and irridescent dragons. When I found out that JJ Abrams was directing a new Star Trek movie (being released on May 8, 2009) I practically swooned with excitement.  Chris Pine plays the young James T. Kirk. Personally, I like my heroes older and wiser and a touch craggier. Pine is too much of a pretty boy for my taste. Give me Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) any day.  The cast of this new movie has a couple of my favorites...including Simon Pegg who is brilliant in Shaun of the Dead (did I mention I also love tongue-in-cheek horror movies?). I am most excited to see Eric Bana as Nero. I realized as I looked at his photo, that he most closely resembles Nicholas Klaus, the hero of my book Sweet Inspiration. I think a lot of romance writers use celebrities/actors as inspiration for our heroes.  So, even though it pains me to say this...Hugh Jackman has been temporarily replaced as Number One Source Of Inspiration for me. Eric Bana will be playing the villain in the new Star Trek movie, and something tells me I'm going to have a difficult time cheering for the good guys! I would love to hear from other writers who they envision as their heroes, and if anyone else is getting pumped for this movie. Live long and prosper.

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Michelle Pressma said...

If Eric is the inspiration for Nicholas, I think I'm going to be appreciating Christmas in a whole new light.