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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010 from The Quirky Ladies!

Happy 2010!!! Time for a new decade, new resolutions, and hopefully new dreams to come true this year. Here's a round-up of some "quirky" goals....

Vicki: Enter some contests and finish Changing Fortunes. (and drink a lot of delicious martinis with Penny...okay, I added that part)

Dalton: Recover from Holiday 2009! And to publish a sequel to Illegal Moves. (yay!...I think I might print up some Team Seth T-shirts!)

Tara: Tara wants to send her finished WIP to a few contests (go, Tara!), start a new manuscript and complete it by her October birthday, find more time to relax and de-stress(I hear martinis are really good for that!), go on at least one dream vacation, and stick to her new diet and exercise regimen. (Criminy. I'm exhausted just reading that.)

Michelle Polaris: Finish Magician's Chains. Finish sequel to Bound Odyssey. (Start collection of thigh high leather boots. hee hee hee. Okay, I added that part, too.)

Kate Macarthur: Survive construction project in one piece, get her son enrolled in preschool, and start writing the romantic suspense she's been threatening. (hurry up, I want to read it!)

Michelle Picard: Start the third part of the Eden Series. (I'm ready for 2. I'm ready for 3. I'm ready for Gabriel to stop by for a martini....)

Sam Wayland: Finish Destiny Calls and Breakaway Love (the third in the hockey series). (I predict a big party in 2010 for Sam's first publication! Woo hoo!)

Penny: Okay, it's my turn. Write Sweet Magik, the 2nd part of the Klaus Brothers Series. Finish Diabolical, the botanical mystery/romance I started last year. Try to avoid a severe kindle addiction which threatens to take over my life.

Here's to a wonderful, amazing and inspiring 2010!

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Michelle Polaris said...

Wait a minute, Penny, how'd you know about the thigh high boot aspiration? My DH just ordered me my first pair yesterday.

And I'll toast to your kindle addiction. Your such an environmentalist (grin). Okay, so really its about the book addiction and downloading is so much faster than waiting for UPS.