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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Character Idea: Meteorologist

So this morning I woke up and immediately looked out the window, ready to see the wreckage brought by the epic blizzard that was to have raged all night long here in the Boston area. As I looked out across my green and utterly snow-less lawn, I had the idea for a great character: The New England Meteorologist (a word, it turns out, i cannot type without looking at my fingers).

Who is this man? And does he have ANY self esteem? I mean, in the big picture, with years of New England weather forecasting experience under my belt, this was absolutely an EPIC FAIL. I had been promise (and dreaded) as many as 10 inches of snow! And I'm a good New Englander. I know that a 10" forecast means anything from 5 to 15. But less than 1? Come on now. Really? All that fancy software and modeling logorithms and god knows what, and my grandfather could have more accurately determined the outcome based on how stiff his knee was the day before yesterday.

So my next hero is going to be the man who questions himself constantly. That's worried about not delivering on his promises. He's going to be a man that has to stand up in front of everyone and predict the future and be wrong 75% of the time.

He's going to be a New England Meteorologist.

The next question is, who would fall for this guy?


Penelope said...

Sam, you are so freaking mean! hee hee hee....

Michelle Picard said...

This could be a paranormal. His love interest is a magic weilding weather police type who is sent to check on why this meteorologist had been able to predict one big event when no one else did and he is usually wrong so much of the time. Maybe they suspect he's some sort of threat to the weather controlling magic folk who live among us under cover. She could detest him in the beginning, but end of falling for him. Just a thought (shrug). What a fun seed for a character.

Penelope said...

uh oh. sounds like Michelle is already hatching a plot! sounds good!

Dalton Diaz said...

Why is it that all I can think of is that infamous newswoman who asked the weather man, "So, Bob, what happened to that 8 inches you promised me last night?"
Anyone know what happened to that? Used to be on Youtube.