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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quickie Quirky Interview with Debut Author Carolyn Crane

As soon as I read Carolyn Crane's debut novel Mind Games, I knew I had to interview her for the Quirky Ladies blog. Why? Because her book is one of the quirkiest, coolest, most original, refreshing and bad-ass books I have ever read. It's a UF/paranormal romance about a hypochondriac who learns to use her neuroses as a weapon. Heh, heh, heh....ev-il!!!!!

Without further ado, here is Carolyn Crane's Quickie Quirky Interview.....

Penny: Hey, Carolyn! What are your top 3 quirky qualities?

Carolyn: What a great name for a critique group! Okay, quirks....

1) When I first sit down in the morning to hand write on draft (if I'm in a handwriting phase) I have to listen to at least half of this one Led Zepplin CD, or I superstitiously think things will go poorly. I am so sick of that CD.

2) I don't like killing bugs. I always trap them and put them outside, or with spiders, I ignore them. Though of course, these are Minnesota spiders.

3) I couldn't think of another, so I asked my husband. Quote: "How about that you lose things in the house constantly? You lose your keys, you lose your cellphone, you lose your purse, you lose your glasses..." The list went on from there!!

Penny: I can totally see the whole Led Zepplin thing. Any tips for aspiring writers? Any words of wisdom?

Carolyn: I think it's all about the work ethic. Plugging away every day. Being in a mode of learning every day.

Penny: Thanks, Carolyn!

Here's a link to Carolyn's website, and to her awesome blog, The Thrillionth Page.
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Michelle Picard said...

Carolyn, If it's quirky and UF I know I'll love it. And how wonderful to celebrate neuroses. Both your own CD Zepplin habit and the heroine's issues. Thanks for dropping by today.

Carolyn Crane said...

LOL. Thanks Michelle! I have high hopes to switch out that Led Zeppelin CD someday. A girl has to have goals, after all.

Sullivan McPig said...

Maybe you could try to find another cd that an take the place of the Led Zeppelin cd.
And I agree on the insect/spider thing, although I call in reinforcements to remove spiders. Can't be in the same room as big spiders.

Dalton Diaz said...

Hmm. I had a thought, but I lost it... which sounds totally normal to me! Hey, if Zep works, don't mess with it.

Carolyn Crane said...

Sullivan: LOL. I tried to switch it for Aimee Mann, but I was too aware I'd skipped that essential part of my routine. HelllllP!

Dalton: LOL. Maybe you lost the thought in your house!