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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Going to conferences can be good (meeting your favorite authors, schmoozing with friends, working out problems with your WIP while day-dreaming in a workshop) and bad (feeling like the biggest loser on the face of the earth because you don't have enough conflict in your story, getting a hang-over from hell after too many mango martinis, deciding your WIP is the biggest piece of crap in the New England area after attending too many workshops).

I just got back from the NJRWA writer's conference and I am pleased to announce it was a positive experience! Uplifting! Fun! There were no hang-overs, no second guessing of manuscripts, and I even got to meet Anne Stuart in the elevator.

All in all, a great experience.

Here, in no particular order, are observations and high points/low points.....
  • Robyn Carr gives a great workshop (ensemble casts) and a great speech. Classy lady.
  • Kiwi-tinis are delicious.
  • Sharon Sala is hilarious....I love her barking out quotes like this in her Southern accent...."Dish out bad stuff, and it will bite you in the ass!" and "Ignore the bitches who will take you down." Note to self: Don't piss off Sharon Sala.
  • Even though the publishing industry is in flux, I am not worried or suffering from an anxiety disorder. Everything will be OK. (repeat three times while sipping herbal tea).
  • Not everyone gives out great advice. Serving cupcakes at a book signing to promote your book on release day is missing the point. Cupcakes? Cupcakes!!!!!!!! Gah!!!!! (Deep, cleansing breaths......)
  • I get irked if the DJ doesn't play Britney Spears songs. Come on, Buddy!
  • Hannah Howell has really cool sneakers.
  • Robyn Carr was stymied by my "What's Quirky About Robyn Carr" question....she has to think about it.
  • Best part of the weekend...Heather et al doing their Nora Roberts' impression. In a deep, smoker's voice, Heather barked out "It's a job!" I can totally see a hilarious SNL skit happening with that material.....

I'm already looking forward to the New England Chapter's spring conference in Salem. Can't wait! Should be Salem-icious!

All my best,


Dalton Diaz said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Really wish I could have been there.

So, no mention of the pimp room?

Penelope said...

We missed you! The pimp room is still there in all its glory, but we didn't hang out there this time. The mirrored wallpaper was blinding us! :)

Michelle Picard said...

I'm jealous. Wish I'd been there. I'll have to try a kiwi-tini elsewhere I suppose. Can't wait for the Salem conference either.