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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Brand New Year

Happy 2011! I am personally thrilled to leave 2010 behind me (that whole irritating heart attack thing) and am looking forward to a brand new year. The Quirky Ladies are busy working on new books, finishing up old books, entering contests (go, Vicki!), submitting manuscripts, and embracing change with positive attitudes.

We have decided to expand our blog to include other topics that touch on quirky/fun/entertaining/pertinent bits of news, in addition to writerly subjects. This will include movie/book/music reviews, links/discussions to cool websites and news, photos and discussions about travel and hobbies, and interviews with favorite authors. We will also be spotlighting fellow NECRWA members from time to time, and of course continuing to discuss topics that affect us as romance writers.

Coming up on the interview and discussion with NECRWA writer Ella Drake, whose upcoming release Jaq's Harp is a "twisted fairytale/biopunk/futuristic romance." I love the idea of putting a new, funky spin on the legend of Jack and the Beanstalk. This week I will be exploring steampunk, a hot new sub-genre of romance. I think steampunk is about as quirky as you can get!

I hope that all of you are excited about the new year and new possibilities!

Happy Quirky New Year To All!


Ella Drake said...

I can't wait to talk about Jaq's Harp! Creating that future-set fairy tale was loads of fun.
Thanks, Penny!

Penelope said...

Hi Ella! Me, too. What a great concept for a book! Can't wait to read it.