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Friday, June 26, 2009

Quirky Summer Update!

Quirky Summer 2009 Update: Here's a bit of news...

Victoria Morgan: Victoria should be finishing her historical novel set during the Crimea War, but after reading a profile of Nora Roberts in the New Yorker, she had to pick up one of Nora's books. The article reminded Victoria why Nora is the queen of romance and her dialogue rocks. So now she's reading Blue Dahlia, the first book of the In the Garden trilogy, and Vicki is thrilled to have two more in the series. Too bad school is over and the kids will be kicking around.... To finish the series and get back to her own writing, Victoria might steal Nora's warning to her kids when they interrupted her writing, "Don't bother me unless it's arterial blood or active fire." Hey, when Nora calls, all else is put on hold.

Kate Macarthur: Kate is still desperately trying to get her hell project off her desk so that she can finally get back to writing again. She's got a big old contemporary romantic suspense that's been rattling around in her head for some time and needs to be let out. First, though, she has revisions to do on an older story that needs more life breathed into it. And in the meantime, she will look for some time to dig into her "to be read" pile beside the bed.

Michelle Polaris: Michelle is diligently working on the sequel to Bound Odyssey, the manuscript that's a finalist in the Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight contest. The tentative name is Bound Freedom. She's looking forward to a change of pace for the warm weather months, including collecting stones on the beach, and reading the new summer releases by Catherine Asaro, Joey W. Hill, and Jacqueline Carey.

Tara Truesdale: In an attempt to get herself out of a muddled-middle, Tara, a perennial pantser, is spending significant time plotting the remainder of her current WIP. It's a hive-inducing but oh so necessary exercise that is teaching Tara she must, simply must, plot her next WIP before she writes a single word -- if she ever hopes to consistently write (and hopefully publish) a book a year. She also owes the Quirky's chapters, which she's aiming to get out within the next month!

Penny Watson: Penny is finishing edits for Sweet Inspiration, and working on two other stories -- book #2 of the Klaus Brothers series, called Sweet Magik, and a new botanical historical romantic suspense (she made up a new sub-genre, so what?), called Diabolical. She is also looking forward to celebrating her (29th) birthday with a new professional Williams and Sonoma margarita maker. It promises many festive Quirky parties in the future!

Dalton Diaz: Dalton is working on her Quickie, Winters' Thaw, which will be part of a Cougar series for EC. Yes, THAT kind of Cougar! July will be exciting with her 3rd release with EC, a Quickie called Stray Lovers, on 7/31. It's part of an 11 author fundraiser in the memory of a special young lady, Lara Punches. Check out
to see what it's all about.

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