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Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome, Toni Andrews!

Today, the Quirky Ladies are pleased to welcome Toni Andrews to our site as part of her virtual book signing tour for her new June release, Cry Mercy from Mira Books. You can see over on the right that her cover is gorgeous. Cry Mercy is the third in her Mercy Hollings series including Beg for Mercy and Angel of Mercy.

The series is set in the beautiful beachfront town of Balboa, California, where Toni lived for fifteen years, and follows the adventures of Mercy Hollings. She's a woman with the fortunate or unfortunate, depending how you see it, telepathic ability to make people do whatever she wants. Mercy calls it "the press." Watch the Cry Mercy Book Trailer for a tempting taste of the release.

After fifteen years living in Southern California and seven in Miami, Toni now writes full-time at her lakeside cottage in Connecticut where she spent summers as a child. She's a busy woman, also producing her own public access television show, So Many Books, which features interviews of authors across all genres. In addition to reaching her at her website and her blog, where you can link to purchase her books, you can join her at her group blog site, The Deadline Dames. Hit the links and take a look. And last but not least, Toni writes romance novels under the pen name Virginia Reede, so check out her other stories.

Now, join us while Toni answers questions via her video blog below. She has been signing book plates and mailing them to readers who send her a self-addressed stamped envelope. So, if you'd like a link to her tour line-up with the address to mail her your SASE, press here.

After viewing her video blog, one lucky commenter today will win a copy of her new release, Cry Mercy.

Without further ado, here's Toni fresh from the shower, with wet hair and no make-up. Kind of like we all look first thing in the morning.

A big thank you, Toni, from the Quirky Ladies for including us on your tour. And blog visitors, please stop by and leave a comment for Toni today for the chance to win a copy of her book.

Thanks again


Scott Romanski said...

They put them under romance because "Urban Fantasy" doesn't have a official category yet and they don't want to alienate potential readers...that's my thought anyways.

Shirin Dubbin said...

Sometimes you have to hunt around a book store for awhile to find whether they've shelved Urban Fantasy in Sci-fi/Fantasy, Romance or even Horror.

The story of the hanging man reminds me of a Cary Grant film called People Will Talk. Through a series of mishaps and misfortunes a secondary character, Mr. Shunderson, is blessed with a new life after being hung. Good film.

HockeyVampiress said...

Your kitty looks just like mine.... but mine has no tail LOL I never find my fave authors in the same place twice.

Kristen howe said...

Toni, it's good to see you in person via Youtube. Interestng concept for your story. I wish I had the guts to do a videoblog or blog in general. Cute kitty!

Crystal said...

I don't think you're wrong at all for wanting to make #1 on NYT bestseller list - you have to have a goal to aspire to and that is an awesome goal - good luck and I believe you will get there!

I'm going to go and check out your series now.

Anne Baldo said...

Your cat looks like the one I had and had to put to sleep. I had him for 13 years, and it really hurt to do that. But he got diabetes and I had no choice. Hope you don't ever have to go through that. Enjoyed the videoblog today. Your tweeter friend grannyred33

Aliens said...

I really enjoy your videoblog for you tour.

Natascha said...

Cool videoblog! Good luck with your book.

Edward said...

Finished "Beg for Mercy" and "Angle of Mercy" last evening. Only problem being I want the third book- "Cry Mercy". Bad for me .. good for you!

Excellent series. Agree they are not romances. If was me- I would put them in a Paranormal section along with Carrie Vaughan's Kitty Norville and Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan books. I think Mercy would 'hang' very nicely with either of the other ladies. :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cover!

KittyNadem said...

Ooohhhooo!!! The kitty is sooooo adorable! lol, sorry, I had to spazz there for a moment, I love kittens.

Anyways, wonderful work! I love following you on your virtual book tour, the best part, I don't even have to leave home! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your book!

Heather Paye

Dawn Herring said...

Hey Toni,
It was cool seeing your feline; I am a fan of them myself. I enjoy following you on Twitter as journalwriter7. I found myself talking to you as you were discussing your big dream of being on the NY Times best sellers list, saying, go for it! I love log cabins myself. You've piqued my interest in your Mercy series as you discussed the pov question. Hearing the mind of another writer is intriguing.
Thanks for taking the time to communicate.

Dalton Diaz said...

I love your interviews! I'm also liking the look better without the curlers!
I do have one more question for you - Do you drink that whole cup of coffee in the morning? Refill? Those of us who only hope to be that coherent in the morning want to know.

Carolyn Wada said...

Hi Oscar! Hi Toni, the insight that went, "Mercy knows what Sam wants but she doesn't know WHY" was interesting. Characterization's my favorite aspect of a work of fiction. Now, I don't know what name's gonna get put on my comment, but I Twitter as ForCorysSake if you need to "place me." See you later, Oscar!?