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Monday, September 14, 2009

What's So Quirky About Victoria Morgan?

Ever wonder why we're called The Quirky Ladies? My son Cristian couldn't pronounce the word "critique," so one day he asked me if I was meeting with "those quirky ladies." Which I thought was totally hilarious, since we are, indeed, quirky in our own special way! To celebrate our inner quirkiness, I will be posting a list of our quirks each Monday for the next 6 weeks. To get us started, may I introduce, Victoria Morgan...

What's So Quirky About Victoria Morgan?
  • Amateur artist, specializing in watercolor
  • Was an emergency Medical Technician for 3 years
  • Has either owned or cared for 2 dogs, 3 cats, a squirrel, a raccoon, birds, countless gerbils and hamsters
  • Favorite author--Jodi Picoult
  • When in college, reviewed movies for the Vermont Cynic
  • Had an emergency appendectomy while on vacation in Cape Cod
  • Temped for five years to have the freedom to quit job and travel when funds permitted
  • Met Hugh Jackman
  • Is terrified of roller coasters
  • Favorite drink--Cosmopolitan of course!
  • Took a drawing course with live nudes for models
  • Hiked up Mt. Washington, twice
  • Favorite artist--Winslow Homer
Victoria has a photo of herself and Hugh framed and located in a highly visible spot in her living room. Show-off!!!! 

Do you have any fun quirks? Let us know!

Quaking With Quirkiness, 


Penny Watson said...

Vicki, A Cosmopolitan! What about a mango martini? Apple martini? Blueberry pomegranate martini? We need to talk...

Dalton Diaz said...

2 questions. How did u end up with a pet squirrel, and Hugh Jackman. OK, so that 2nd one isn't a question. I just wanted to type his name and YUMMMMMMM!

Michelle Picard said...

I am so jealous that you are multi artistically talented. Perhaps you should do a painting featuring you and Hugh on a rollercoaster, with Hugh grasping you protectively as you scream your bejesus off.

Penny Watson said...

Hee hee...good one, Michelle! Hugh and Vicki could be surrounded by squirrels, raccoons, birds, etc. :)