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Monday, September 21, 2009

So What's so Quirky About Tara Truesdale?

Tara Truesdale started writing romance at the tender age of ten when her favorite soap opera heroine, one half of arguably the best couple daytime television ever created, was killed off the show - with no happily ever after. The nerve! What started as a way to keep a beloved soap opera couple alive and well sans television, eventually turned into Tara crafting tender love stories centered around characters brought to life from her own imagination.

When looking for heroic inspiration, Tara counts Han Solo/Indiana Jones, Magnum PI, Anthony DiNozzo (see above), and Alex P. Keaton among her personal favorites.

Here are some Quirky Facts about Tara
  • Is a serious tea drinker - hot, iced - doesn't matter. Would drink tea over coffee any day of the week.
  • Is terrified of scary movies, especially since her brother and his friends used to force her to watch them as kids. Summering at the beach and being tied to a chair while watching "Jaws" is not as much fun as you might think!
  • Her brother recently got hired as a coach for the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Go Bucs!
  • Had several cats growing up, each with a curious moniker: Precious Purr, Bert and Ernie, Obi Wan Kenobi, Magnum PI, and Flipper.
  • Was hit in the head by a metal discus during track practice her sophomore year of high school and has the scars to prove it. Now you know what happened to her. Just kidding.
  • Was the managing editor of her college daily newspaper that had a circulation of 20,000.
  • Was a reporter covering the daily happenings in the towns of Coventry and Bolton, CT and the Route 6 Highway Project for a time.
  • Can quote Star Wars movies on demand. Major fan! May the Force be with you - always.
  • Has been a proud member of the Deidre Hall Fan Club since she was 11 years old. She's even met Deidre - great lady. :)
  • Favorite authors: Jane Austen, Susan Wiggs and Kristin Hannah
  • Favorite places: Bretton Point, Rhode Island and London, England


Penelope said...

Tara...which Star Wars movie is your favorite? I think we should do a Quirky movie night...I have light sabers for everyone, courtesy of my 11 year old son! And Darth Vader masks, etc. Good times! :)

Michelle Picard said...

Soap opera fan fic is a perfect beginning for a romance writer. I'm much more embarassed to say my first fan fic as a pre-teen writer was set in the He-Man universe. But then again, it probably explains a lot.

Tara Truesdale said...

Empire Strikes Back, baby!

Dalton Diaz said...

Wait, Alex P. Keaton?? LOL! Guess that's better than Screech or Erkel. Much better, come to think of it. Still, put him up against Hans Solo and there's no contest. The bad boy wins!

Isabel Roman said...

I confess: The picture of DiNozzo caught my attention. Cause the premeir of NCIS is tonight...not that I have any obsession whatsoever. :)

Nice to meet you, Tara!