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Friday, March 4, 2011

Quirky Bit O' Fish

My son has always been fascinated by deep sea life, even as a young toddler. We spent hours watching cool National Geographic movies and researching funky creatures like giant squids and bizarre deep-sea fish.

Anglerfish are probably the quirkiest fish in the sea. They are fabulously-well adapted to life at the bottom of the ocean floor, often times a mile below the surface. Their appearance is grotesque. The massive mouth, sharp, jagged teeth, and diabolical lure make them efficient predators and hideously ugly. The females have a modified dorsal spine that hangs over the mouth, tipped with a luminous bit o' "bait." They are able to swallow prey twice their size due to this huge mouth.

It's too bad mere mortals can't explore the deep's probably one of the most amazing experiences on earth....and scary, too.

Hope y'all have a good weekend!


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

We could in one of those diving spheres. I think scientists still use them. I'd go!

Penelope said...

Hey Julia! I'll bet James Cameron has one of those. I love the idea of exploring unknown territory, complete with bioluminescent organisms and underwater volcanoes. So cool. But maybe a little bit scary, too.