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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quirky Stuff about Kate George and Bree MacGowan

The Quirky Ladies are thrilled to have author Kate George visiting with us today. Welcome, Kate! She is a fellow member of the NECRWA, the conference chair for this year's exciting conference happening in Salem, MA (hope to see all of you there!), and a wonderful, humorous and quirky author. Her first book, Moonlighting In Vermont, was a fun, sexy adventure in Vermont (my favorite state in the USA), and I loved it. (See Penelope's review here). I haven't had a chance to read California Schemin' yet...can't wait. Kate has been gracious enough to share some quirky traits with us....her own, and of course some from Bree, the heroine of her new book. Take it away, Kate!

Five Quirky Things about Author Kate George.....

1) I’ve had something like fifteen or more different careers. Among them are answering service operator, motorcycle safety instructor, actress, assistant to the dive officer on Catalina Island, and foreclosure officer (that one was awful).

2) I come from a musical family. Sometimes when someone is talking my mother and I would break out into the same song at the same moment. For example, if you were to say “That happened yesterday,” we might start singing “Yesterday” by the Beatles. I still do this even though my mother passed on several years back. My daughters are afraid that one day they will start to sing with me. The boys figure they are immune.

3) I can quote lines from Megamind. “It can be reheated in the microwave of evil…” and “I’m not sure what to do with that.” Or how about “Oooh! I’m shaking in my custom baby seal leather boots.”

4) In my mind’s eye I’m still a twenty-something young woman with a wicked sense of humor – not a stodgy old woman – which is what I see when I look in the mirror. Is it possible to be a young of mind stodgy looking old woman with a great sense of humor?

5) I prefer not to read serious books or watch serious movies. I love humor. I get addicted to books and movies that make me laugh. Among my favorites are The Thin Blue Line, (English Comedy), Welcome to Temptation (Romance by Jennifer Crusie) and… heck. I can’t think of any more. I know there are more. That’s another quirky thing about me - I lose things in my head. Words, movies, how to cook noodles. You name it, I’ve forgotten it.

Five Quirky things about Bree MacGowan......

1) Bree can’t resist rescuing dogs. She makes an effort to find them homes, but if she can’t find one in a week or so she becomes too attached to give them away. In the same vein, Bree would rather make friends with a skunk and figure out how to keep it from spraying her dogs than to kill it.

2) Bree doesn’t realize that just because she thinks she in control of a situation that doesn’t mean she is. In other words, the skunk is still is only cooperating because it wants to.

3) While Bree doesn’t mind snakes in the out of doors, she’s not over fond of finding dead ones on her pillow. Still a dead snake on your pillow is better than a live skunk. Who let that animal in the house?

4) Bree’s not sure why she goes through men faster than chocolate. She doesn’t realize that while the boyfriends she had are mostly nice, it’s going to take a guy with balls of steel and an exceptional sense of humor to keep up with her.

5) Bree reads Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Bree secretly wished she could be a bounty hunter and date Ranger and Morelli. Author Kate George secretly wishes that too.


Thanks, Kate, for the fun lists! I love your quirky weirdest job was analyzing Bowhead whale songs at a research station. I got to listen to whale songs all day long!

Any visitors have quirky jobs they'd like to share with us? Let us know! Best of luck to Kate with her new release.

Award winning author, Kate George, originally hails from Northern California, where she was raised on a ranch alongside two brothers, feral cats, cattle and at least one mountain lion. After working in a variety of occupations from actress to motorcycle safety instructor she earned a degree in anthropology from UC Davis before deciding to return to writing. She now lives in Vermont with her dogs, kids, husband and currently several feet of snow. You can reach her at Her latest release is California Schemin’ available at, and can be ordered from any bookstore.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Delightful quirky interview! Do you ever miss California? We have quite a large mountain lion population these days!

Dalton Diaz said...

Quirky, indeed! I went to Catalina Island once. Stayed at the Scary (sp? I was a kid) motel on Fri. 13th on a full moon.

Kate George/Bodacious Betty said...

Hi y'all. I'm feeling southern today. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

Thanks to the QLs for having me and Bree here today. I do hope we are quirky enough for you.

Julia, I do miss California, but the California I miss isn't there anymore. The ranch has been subdivided. It's sad. And the last time I lived there people honked at me all the time because I liked to wait a second before pulling into traffic - precious cargo and all that. (And my friends consider me a fast driver.)

Dalton, I lived on the other end of the island - The Isthmus from the hotel and whatnot. If I remember correctly it was at least an hour overland to get there in the jeep, so I didn't get to stay in the Scary Motel. I lived with the other bohemians in funny little trailers.

Penelope said...

Bodacious Betty! hee that! Thanks for hanging out today... I also share a love of music and spontaneously breaking into a song with my sis....especially show tunes!

Stephanie G said...

Loved the interview, Kate!
I also loved your first book Moonlighting in Vermont--very amusing.
Can't wait to read California Schemin'.
Like you, I love funny books.
See you at the conference--

Michelle Picard said...

Love this interview, and Bree's quirks make me want to run out and buy your book. Humor is so crucial in life. Glad you joined us today, Kate.

Kate George/Bodacious Betty said...

Yes, Penelope I am Bodacious! Everyone should have a Betty name - It comes from Lucy March's blog, where I am a regular..

Good to see you here Stephanie, I'm looking forward to conference. There are going to be so many great people there.
Thanks, Michelle, the Quirky Ladies have made me feel very welcome!

Nina Pierce said...

Congratulations on your newest release, Kate! May it go out there and find many new readers!

Quirkiest job? I'm not sure it was quirky but I was the janitor in a girls' dormitory when I was in college. Ummm ... young ladies aren't really that neat ... trust me! LOL!

mimi said...

Very cool seeing your QL post - can't wait to read CA Schemin'! Bree is such an irresistible character. Must be fun living vicariously through her. - Mimi

PS. My quirkiest job was probably counting spider-mites, by looking at grape leaves for hours under the microscope. That's when I started drinking coffee.

Anonymous said...

Oh very fun! I want listen to whale songs all day now too.

Don't know if this qualifies as a quirky job or not, but when I was about 14 I helped my dad at a seasonal rental yard annex (read small, non-airconditioned trailer in a parking lot). We had an actual cigar box for making change. And loaned out things like mowers, wood chippers, hedge trimmers. Smelly and hot, but I learned more math that summer than I ever did in school.

Dalton Diaz said...,
Anybody who mixes a description of hell and math in the same sentence - RULES!
Took a look at your website, and IMHO, you have Quirky down. Love the story about GrandSir.

Kate George/Bodacious Betty said...

Yeah, Urthalun rocks quirky! She's also one of the most interesting and caring people I know. Nothing boring about our Julie!

Great to see you here at Quirky Ladies Mimi and Nina!

Dr.subhendu kar said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, Dalton and Kate, thank you both so much! I had no idea there were so many of us fabulously quirky gals around. I'll be coming back here to stay in touch!