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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's So Quirky About Penny Watson?

Me, quirky? I have no problem embracing my inner quirkiness! So, here's my list....

  • Trained an Amazon River dolphin as a high school student.
  • Took piano lessons for 6 years at Carnegie Mellon with a strict Russian concert pianist.
  • Has a master's degree in turfgrass science (yes, there is a science to turfgrass!).
  • Is distantly related to the weird lady (Zelda Rubinstein) in Poltergist who says..."Carole Anne, do not go into the light...."
  • Started the lacrosse club at Vassar College (which is now a varsity team).
  • Published a paper in the Journal of Marine Biology titled Nitrate Reductase Activity in Zostera marina.
  • Tie-dyed the headmaster's dog the night before graduation while working at a boarding school in New Hampshire.
  • Flew for 24 hours with a newly adopted baby from the Philippines who had never been in a car seat (good times!).
  • Met my husband in organic chemistry lab.
  • Travelled to Russia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and Denmark.
  • Just met Ming Tsai at Blue Ginger and had a nice chat about college reunions! (Okay, Vicki, so it wasn't Hugh Jackman...I'll bet Ming could cook Hugh under the table!).
I think if you asked my kids, they could give you some additional quirks about my personality, but let's just skip that!

I'm super excited today because I just got my first review for Sweet Inspiration, my debut novel which will be released on 12-02-09 by The Wild Rose Press. Here's a snippet from Phoebe Jordan, Romance Readers and Writers....

"Penny Watson delivers an exciting and magical debut novel that will have you falling in love with the Klaus family from the very beginning, and will not let you go even after the story has ended. I look forward to all of Penny Watson's future books, especially the next four books in her Klaus Brothers Series."

rating: 4.5/5

Yippee! Can't wait for Christmas!
Penny Watson


Michelle Picard said...

This is a fantastic review, Penny. Mucho congratulations! And whatever happened to the dolphin after you trained it? Do you still keep it around the house to do laundry and clean bathrooms? That would be pretty well trained. And it's probably more realistic to train a dolphin than a husband to do the same (grin).

Penny Watson said...

Hey Michelle. Unfortunately, Chuckles the Dolphin bit the dust shortly after the aquarium built him a beautiful new facility. Oh, the irony. Maybe I can get a couple of orcas, to do chores as well as for a security detail. That would be cool.

Dalton Diaz said...

Dang girl, you know how to have fun! Well, except for the 24 hr screaming kid thing, but we'll call that trial by fire. It's all prep for the teen years.
You know we're going to ask you to play the piano now, right?

Tara Truesdale said...

You are as they would say in the 19th century, an accomplished woman, Penny! BRAVO! :)