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Friday, February 18, 2011

Quirky Bit O' Canine

Need a mop?
A new wig?
A warm, snuggly blanket for winter?
This awesome and out-of-this-world dog looks like a great multi-tasker.

This Hungarian dog is a corded Komondor from the Westminster Dog Show. (It's sometimes referred to as a "mop dog" for obvious reasons.) It was bred to protect livestock. 

I just couldn't resist posting it since it is pretty much the epitome of quirkiness. My daughter got a photo of one sleeping in his kennel at the dog show, but I thought this photo was much more dramatic. You get to see the wonderful movement of those luscious locks!

Happy Weekend,


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I love the look of those corded dogs - high maintenance, but great looking!

Penelope said...

Hi Julia! I saw the German shepherds, too. I took some photos of them....I will send them your way! Do you have a facebook acct?