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Friday, February 4, 2011

Quirky Bit O' News

Here's a nice Bostonian story. A woman lost her 3-foot pet boa constrictor on a Boston subway car a month ago...she had the snake around her neck (!!!) when somehow it escaped. The lost snake (named Penelope! Win!) was discovered on a subway car this week, and rescued by a train attendant. Penelope's owner is overjoyed to be reunited with her scaly friend. And she's still planning on taking Penelope out into public. Oh joy for Bostonians everywhere.

Happy Weekend from The Quirky Ladies!


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

My mom is terrified of snakes. We used to have a boy and a girl cornsnake - my daughter's pets - and I have lots of stories about how my daughter would fall asleep with the might imagine the various places I would subsequently find them.
Anyway, one day she had the boy snake in the bathroom with her and he managed to escape. He vanished for 6 weeks. When my parents were visiting, my mother opened a cabinet to pull out a clean towel, and there he was, curled up on the stack of towels!
You've never heard such screaming in all your life!

Penelope said...

We have a no-reptile rule currently at our house. I cannot imagine having a snake as a pet...ewwwww! Your poor mother!!!

Michelle Picard said...

I heard the same story on the news this morning. That the snake was found. I hope it will be much happier back in a permanent warm home. It must have been cranky at commuting time every day.