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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Self-Promotion Is Not A Dirty Word

Guess what I'm doing today? Talking about one of my favorite subjects...promotion for romance writers! I'll be speaking at the NECRWA meeting at Brandeis University at 1:00. (Unfortunately, the Chippendale's dancers cancelled, but hopefully there should be chocolate.)

Here are a few tips on self-promotion to get us started...

1.) Don't post naked photos of yourself on your website. Unless you look like Bo Derek. And even then it's probably not a good idea.

2.) Including 5-star review snippets from your mother is ineffective as a promotional tool.

3.) Choose appropriate sites for your blog tour. Doing an interview on "Flyfishing For Big Boys" is most likely a waste of time and won't increase book sales. Although you never know.

Looking forward to chatting with everyone!
See you soon,


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Laughing again! You are my muse!

Michelle Picard said...

She does make a good muse, doesn't she? The talk was fantastic despite the lack of chippendales. Maybe next year.